Maintenance Tips for High Mileage Vehicles

Maintenance Tips for High Mileage Vehicles

The higher quality care you provide your vehicle, the longer it stays well-functioning, and the more mileage it gains. Though high mileage in a car is impressive and speaks to the treatment it has received, you can quickly run into several issues should you neglect a solid maintenance routine. To help you preserve your car’s longevity, AM Off-Road offers these maintenance tips for high mileage vehicles.

Tire Maintenance


As your vehicle racks up miles, its tires become worn. Having bald tires means less wheel traction, putting you and your passengers at a greater risk of getting into an accident. You should measure and update a few tire specifics routinely to ensure your vehicle is as high-functioning and as safe as possible.


Inflation levels are another aspect of your tires that should be considered often. You want to keep your tires at the automaker’s recommended level of air pressure. Most vehicles have sensors to monitor the car’s tire pressure for you, alerting you when it is insufficient.

It is important to note that weather can affect your tire pressure readings. Hot temperatures increase these readings because of expanding air, while cold weather results in a decrease of psi due to air contracting. Ice and snow also tend to compromise how safe the road is, making the change to winter tires an appropriate move as the weather gets colder.


In addition to monitoring your tires’ pressure and traction, it is essential to get your tires rotated. Tire rotation guarantees that your tires wear evenly, which can save you money in the future by extending tire life. Rotating your tires contributes to balanced treads between all your vehicle’s wheels. It is advised that your tires get rotated at least twice a year.

Follow Recommended Tune-Ups

In your car’s owner manual, you will find a schedule suggesting when your vehicle should receive tune-ups. After a lengthy ownership of your vehicle, you may find yourself disregarding this guide often.

Regular Oil Changes

It is imperative to a car’s durability to get its oil routinely changed. Oil protects the car’s engine from heat and friction when coated over the engine’s parts. Going without an oil change for too long can result in unnecessary damage to your vehicle. Consider switching to high-mileage motor oil you’re your car reaches roughly 75,000 miles. These oil changes contain beneficial detergents made for older engines and protect against oil leaks.

Check Other Fluids

Regularly getting your oil checked is great, but make sure you are also checking in on these to sustain proper car functions.


This fluid maintains the temperature of your engine. It protects the engine from overheating in the summer and freezing in winter. Coolant, also known as antifreeze, also prevents corrosion and deposits. Check your coolant’s levels to ensure your car engine can stay at a moderate temperature.

Transmission Fluid

The function of this fluid is to lubricate and cool gears, clutches, and valves, keeping your vehicle’s performance up to par.

Windshield Washer Fluid

Stocking your car up with this liquid is crucial for the cleanliness of the windshield. Having a dusty or streaky windshield makes it difficult to see. They can also produce sunlight glare, impairing the driver’s vision.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is what connects the brakes to the brake pedal and ultimately informs you how well your brakes work. Your vehicle slows when brake fluid is pressurized inside the brake lines, forcing the brake pads to clamp on the car’s rotors.

Power Steering Fluid

This car fluid is a necessity for steering. It works to allow for easy steering wheel maneuverability in your vehicle.

Replace Filters

It is important to check on filters often to see if they need replacement, as dirty filters can be just as problematic for your car as low or bad fluids. A dirty filter also reduces the vehicle’s efficiency because air flow and oxygen are restricted, forcing your engine to compensate by consuming more fuel. Lower your carbon footprint and increase your fuel economy by routinely checking on your car’s filters.

Battery Care

A properly functioning battery is a vital aspect of a successful journey with your high mileage vehicle. There are steps you can take to ensure you are getting the most out of all the batteries your car runs though. These following measures can help you avoid an expensive service or tow charge following battery failure.

  • Clean the cables. First, you’ll need to remove corrosion from the auto battery to get access to those cables.

Wash and Wax

It may seem surface-level, but keeping your car clean can have major benefits to your car’s longevity. Waxing prevents rusting, a danger that must be considered with older vehicles. It also helps to coat scratches or dents on the car to shield them from getting worse. Avoid outside elements wearing on your car when possible by using a garage or car cover. Cleaning is one of the maintenance tips for high mileage vehicles that can get overlooked, but it truly makes a difference to your car’s functionality in the long run.

Tackle Small Issues Before They Cause Big Ones

There are a lot of small steps in car maintenance that get put off until they pose a greater issue. If brake pad, battery, or filter maintenance or replacements are left on the back burner for too long, your car may become unsafe to drive, making driving it a risk to you and others on the road. Add routine tune-ups to your schedule to keep yourself accountable and up-to-date on meeting all your car’s needs.

Clean Fuel System

Neglecting to upkeep a clean fuel system can result in an overly stressed engine and reduced functionality. Clean fuel injectors are a crucial aspect of long-lasting cars. When clogged with debris, fuel injectors cannot transfer an appropriate mix of fuel and air to your engine. Make sure you regularly clean your fuel system to prevent any unnecessary pressure on your vehicle’s engine.

Proper treatment of your high-mileage vehicle is likely the reason it has served you for so long. If looking to treat your trusted metal steed with some accessories without exceeding your maintenance budget, AM Off-Road provides everything from LED taillights to Jeep Wrangler bumpers for sale. Contact us today for all your vehicle’s needs!

Maintenance Tips for High Mileage Vehicles

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