How To Install Jeep Wrangler Aftermarket Fenders

How To Install Jeep Wrangler Aftermarket Fenders

Dirt, rocks, and grime can all easily scratch and scrape your Jeep Wrangler’s fenders. Damaged fenders aren’t the best look for any type of Jeep, so many owners choose to replace them with aftermarket fenders. Additionally, new fenders can help protect the body of your Jeep from rocks and other debris that your tires can kick up from time to time. While you can hire a mechanic to install fenders, you can also do it yourself. Luckily, the process is fairly simple and should only take around 15 minutes. Learn below how to install Jeep Wrangler aftermarket fenders here.

Remove Old Fenders

Before you place the aftermarket fenders on your vehicle, you need to remove the old ones. Thankfully, this process is easy and should only take around five to seven minutes for one fender. To remove the old fenders, use the simple steps below.

  • First, disconnect the light on the fender. To do this, reach under the light on the fender and disconnect the wire.
  • Remove all bolts and clips that attach the fender to the vehicle.
  • Then, pull the fender gently and firmly up and away from the vehicle.

Line Up New Fender

Now that the old fender is out of the way, it’s time to install the new ones. The first step is to line up the new fender to the vehicle. Then, you need to ensure that you have the fender liner, a wrench, and all the necessary bolts.

Place Fender Liner On Fender

After you ensure that you have all the necessary equipment, you can begin attaching the fender to the vehicle. Position the fender against the vehicle and place the rubber fender liner between the fender and the Jeep. Then, you can begin inserting and hand-tightening the bolts. During this process, it is helpful to work with an assistant who can hold the rubber liner in place as you tighten the bolts. Unfortunately, this rubber liner can be difficult to keep in place, so it is best to have someone hold it as you tighten the bolts.

Tighten Bolts

At this point, the liner should be completely fastened between the vehicle and the fender. Once all the bolts are in place, you can use a wrench to tighten the fender securely to the vehicle. You need to make sure all bolts are securely fastened before finishing this process.


If you completed step four correctly, you should have one aftermarket fender securely on the vehicle. Of course, the next step is to replace the other fender as well. You can use the steps above to replace the other fender.

With this information, you now know how to install Jeep Wrangler aftermarket fenders. There are many different types of fenders that you can install on your vehicle, including tube and flair fenders. To purchase new Jeep Wrangler JK fender flares for your vehicle, browse AM Offroad’s website. Here, you will find plenty of aftermarket parts for your Jeep that will add style and protection to your vehicle.

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