How To Drive Your Jeep Safely Through Thunderstorms

How To Drive Your Jeep Safely Through Thunderstorms

High winds, lightning, and thunderstorms happen, and there’s nothing you can do to stop them. Even though you can’t control the weather, you can use a few driving tips to keep you and your vehicle safe. Learn how to drive your Jeep safely through thunderstorms with these helpful tips.

Prepare Your Jeep

Driving a Jeep with a damaged tire or engine is dangerous, especially when difficult weather arises. To keep yourself and your vehicle safe, inspect your vehicle to ensure that it is in great condition before you drive. If you need to find a few Jeep Wrangler parts for sale, browse our selection right here on our AM Offroad website.

Stay Inside

As soon as you hear the rumble of thunder or see a bright flash of lighting, you should close all your Jeep’s windows or doors and remain inside. Never exit your Jeep during a thunderstorm unless it is absolutely necessary. If you leave your Jeep, you risk exposure to high winds, lightning, and heavy rain.

Find Shelter

When a thunderstorm approaches, your safest option is to pull over and find shelter. Contrary to popular belief, parking under an overpass for shelter is unsafe for you and other drivers. Instead, shelter in a parking garage or covered gas station.

Never Touch Metal Parts

During a thunderstorm, avoid touching any metal parts within your Jeep, such as the steering wheel, radio, GPS, and door handles. If lightning strikes your Jeep, it can travel to these metal parts and cause serious harm. So, while you wait for the storm to pass, avoid touching anything made of metal in your vehicle.

The tips for how to drive your Jeep safely through thunderstorms are to prepare your vehicle, stay inside, find shelter, and avoid touching metal parts. When you see a storm approaching, remember to use this information to keep yourself and your vehicle safe.

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