How the Rise of Electric Vehicles Is Changing Jeep Products

How the Rise of Electric Vehicles Is Changing Jeep Products

As people have become more concerned about the impact of their vehicles on the environment, electric and hybrid vehicles have become more commonplace in our society. One company that is moving with these changes is Jeep, which is taking steps to meet environmental concerns without sacrificing vehicle performance. Read below to find out how the rise of electric vehicles is changing Jeep products.

Jeep’s 4xe Hybrid Technology

One way that the rise of electric vehicles has changed Jeep products is with the addition of 4xe hybrid vehicles, which combine gas engines with electric motors. These give drivers benefits such as full horsepower, immediate torque, and quick acceleration, while also meeting their needs for energy efficiency.

Driving Modes

Some of the energy-efficient features of the 4xe hybrid line are the different driving modes that you can choose from. For example, users can opt for the default hybrid mode when driving. This mode combines torque from its electric motor and its PHEV powertrain with a 2.0-liter DOHC DI Turbo 14 engine. In Hybrid mode, the vehicle uses electric power first, but it will add power from the turbocharged engine once the battery reaches a lower state of charge.

Another option is the electric mode, which allows you to use only electric power as you travel over short distances. This mode also gives you the advantage of nearly no tailpipe emissions, even as you travel at highway speeds. The Wrangler 4xe, for example, can travel in electric mode for up to 21 miles after you have completely charged it.

Finally, the 4xe vehicles also offer you an e-save mode, allowing you to use gasoline and save your battery charge if it gets low. If your power demand is low, the engine will turn off, but you can reconfigure your Jeep to boost your battery charge.

A Powerful Battery

The 4xe vehicles also have batteries that keep their drivers’ environmentally conscious needs in mind. Each one has a 17.3-kilowatt-hour battery that the company has built for users traveling to faraway locales. It allows drivers to travel through areas with an almost silent performance when they have their vehicles in electric mode.

In addition, the vehicles protect the batteries in case they get wet. Each vehicle has its battery in a waterproof casing that allows it to travel through bodies of water of up to 31.5 inches in depth. Therefore, the 4xe vehicles can perform safely when traveling through rugged, harsh conditions.

Lastly, drivers of 4xe vehicles have many options when it comes to recharging their batteries. They can get a two-hour charge with Level II chargers, which they can install in their homes. Or they can use Level I chargers, which take 12 hours to charge batteries and can plug into home outlets.

Owners of 4xe vehicles can also charge the batteries with the Max Regeneration feature, which helps recharge through decelerations and breaking. The feature allows drivers to use their accelerator pedals to direct aggressive regeneration at pedal positions.

Fully Electric Vehicles

Another way that the rise of electric vehicles is changing Jeep products is that it is driving the introduction of fully electric vehicles. After enjoying success with its hybrid vehicles, Jeep plans to launch multiple new models to achieve its goal of Zero Emission Freedom.

The Wagoneer S

The new models include the Wagoneer S, which will provide high-quality style, interior features, and all-weather performance while being fully electric. The S in the vehicle’s name stands for speed, striking, and sexy.

Regarding speed, the new Wagoneer will provide travelers with zero-to-sixty in 3 1/2 seconds and will give drivers up to 600 horsepower and 400 miles of estimated range. When it comes to being striking, the new Wagoneer will feature a forward-leaning face with an ambient, LED-lit grille that also reinterprets the company’s vertical elements. Finally, when it comes to being sexy, Jeep has designed the Wagoneer with body lines that highlight the Wagoneer’s profile. The company has also redesigned the vehicle’s roof with a hovering wing that supports two D pillars.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep also plans to expand the success it has enjoyed with the Jeep Wrangler 4xe with fully electric models across its entire portfolio by the end of 2025. These will include four all-electric vehicles with a combined range of more than 500 miles and the ability to travel from New York City to Toronto on a single charge. That will be a bonus for those who are looking to save time between charges.

Jeep Recon

Another addition that Jeep will make to its line will be the Jeep Recon, designed for on- and off-road explorers who are looking for a fully electric option. Its designers took inspiration from the Jeep Wrangler and made it so travelers can enjoy open-air trips with its removable doors and windows. The Recon, along with the Wagoneer S, will be available in the United States in 2024.

Opportunities for Credits

The rise of electric vehicles has also changed Jeep by giving vehicle owners more opportunities to earn credits. For example, when a person buys a 4xe vehicle, they can qualify for up to $7,500 in tax credits and local incentives. By thinking green in your next Jeep purchase, you may have the chance to earn a financial reward.

Commitment to Customers

Jeep is also focused on helping customers keep their vehicles charged. Currently, the company is creating a Jeep 4xe charging network across America for its vehicle owners. The stations will enable customers to power up and stay powered on their travels, even in remote destinations that include Jeep Badge of Honor off-road trailheads.

Overall, these new changes to Jeep vehicles will give you the satisfaction of having less of an impact on the environment while also enjoying adventures in your Jeep. If you haven’t already, now might be the time to seriously consider purchasing a hybrid or one of the new fully electric vehicles when they hit the market.

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How the Rise of Electric Vehicles Is Changing Jeep Products
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