Essentials To Keep in Your Jeep at All Times

Essentials To Keep in Your Jeep at All Times

Every Jeep Wrangler off-roader will be proud to share how well their ride conquers adverse conditions. Despite their impeccable features, Jeeps are still susceptible to occasional trouble. Whether you’re taking your Jeep on a long-distance excursion or a mere commute, there are essentials to keep in your Jeep at all times. AM Off-Road looks at which items are quick to get you and your vehicle out of a bind.

First Aid Kit

Make safety a priority by keeping a comprehensive first aid kit in your vehicle. When exploring the great outdoors, you’re bound to collect a few scrapes. With a well-packed first aid kit in tow, you’ll be able to tend to minor wounds. This equipment can also be vital in case of emergency and treat the injury until reaching a proper medical facility for further care.


When off-roading, remote locations are typically ideal. It can be difficult to find clean water while in deep woods, which is why you should always bring extra filtered water along. You’ll want to stay hydrated while waiting for assistance if you get stuck on a secluded path.

Spare Tire and Jack

Traveling on unique terrain, your tires are likely to run into some road fragments that don’t agree with them. The more often you take your Jeep down unpredictable paths, the more likely you are to catch a flat tire.

To avoid a costly tow or exacerbating your car’s state, equip your Jeep with a jack and spare tire. Keep these essentials in your Jeep at all times to get your passengers and yourself out of hairy scenarios.

Recovery Strap

Worried you’ll get a tire stuck while on the unbeaten path? A recovery strap is incredibly useful to attach to other vehicles that can pull your Jeep out of an unfortunate situation. It’s also nice to have on hand in case you come across any drivers in a rut while off-roading.


Perhaps another obvious choice, you should add a flashlight to your collection of safety basics. A flashlight is convenient for checking out your Jeep’s undercarriage when things go awry. It’s also a convenient addition, should you be camping and need help illuminating your campsite at night.

Extra Gas

Off-roading is all fun and games until your gas tank approaches “E.” Avoid sputtering out in the middle of the backcountry by stocking your Jeep with a few extra gallons. Emergency fuel is the must-have tool to preventing an isolated night in your ride.

Additional Accessories

Arming your Jeep with high-grade accessories can increase its resistance to sticky off-roading circumstances. At AM Off-Road, we recognize the thrill of adventure that comes with a Jeep, which is why we have our expansive catalog of all-things off-roading. JK side steps, mirrors, headlights—we have everything your Jeep could need to keep pounding both pavement and uncharted terrain.

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