Different Types of Bumpers and Their Purposes

Different Types of Bumpers and Their Purposes

Fender benders are one of the most common car accidents people get in. This is why one of the most important upgrades you can make to your Jeep is to add a more durable bumper. There are several different types of bumpers out there, each with unique styles and features. Learn what type is best for your Jeep ahead.

Types of Front Bumpers

The most important parts of a Jeep are stored in the front, which is why front bumpers are so necessary. Stinger bars are designed in the shape of a triangle that forms a loop at its top point. The main function of a stinger bumper is to prevent the Jeep from tipping forward if it can’t make it over an obstacle while off-roading. They can also be used to help overcome obstacles.

There are also stubby bumpers, which are shorter than normal full-width bumpers and follow the shape of the grille. These front bumpers will protect your Jeep when you’re off-roading, and they can also add a unique look to your Jeep in the process.

Types of Rear Bumpers

Rear bumpers, which are more common for cars, also have the same purpose as front bumpers in that they help protect the vehicle. There also several different types of bumpers for the rear. Deep drop bumpers are prevalent on pickup trucks designed for towing. Another common type is a step bumper, which is found on trucks, vans, and SUVs. A step bumper is easily recognizable by its step, and it also has the ability to tow. A tube bumper is what you’ll likely find on most Jeeps—it doesn’t have towing capabilities. However, you can upgrade your bumper to make it more durable and to give it the ability to tow.

AM Off-Road offers Jeep Wrangler bumpers for sale that can protect your vehicle on the road or off. A new bumper in the front or back also makes a great addition to your Jeep’s overall look.

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