Best Ways To Keep Your Jeep Clean in the Wintertime

Best Ways To Keep Your Jeep Clean in the Wintertime

Jeeps were made to handle various challenging terrain, including paths complicated by winter conditions. Winter brings a lot of precipitation, ice, snow—and road chemicals to combat all that. Because of how wet and grimy the roads get in the winter, it’s vital to keep your vehicle clean. In this article, AM Off-Road looks at the best ways to keep your Jeep clean in the wintertime and why it’s so important.

Importance of a Clean Jeep

Before diving into the best ways to keep your Jeep clean in the wintertime, we want to answer any questions you may have about why thorough car cleaning is so vital. Keeping your ride clean is about more than just a sleek and shiny appearance. Keeping your car clean will give you such benefits as:

  • Better visibility and driver safety
  • Lower repair costs due to less corrosion
  • self-confidence due to cleanliness
  • Less susceptibility to rust

How To Keep Your Jeep Clean in the Wintertime

To adopt a proper upkeep routine, consider AM Off-Road’s tips for maintaining Jeep cleanliness despite winter adversities.

  • Replace Carpet With Rubber: One of the best ways to keep your Jeep’s interior looking good is to replace the carpet floor mats with rubber ones. Rubber mats prevent slush and snow from ruining the inside flooring. It protects from unsightly salt stains and curtails floor rusting and corrosion.
  • Wash Your Car Frequently: During the winter, wash your car about every ten days. Your car accumulates more road contaminants in the winter, so be sure to clean hard-to-reach areas, including your ride’s undercarriage. Utilize a power washer to blast salt, dirt, and grime away with ease.
  • Proper Drying and Waxing: Before hitting the road again, dry your car and give it a fresh coat of wax. You may need to open its doors to allow any water trapped in crevices to dry out. Apply wax to your Jeep’s exterior, especially in areas that embrace contaminants often, to protect its paint job.
  • Practice Mindful Driving: Prevent premature vehicle aging by driving mindfully. Avoid unplowed roads and driving through snowbanks. Though a careful approach may not be ideal for a speedy commute, it promotes driver and passenger safety, and your car’s appearance and longevity.

If you’re looking to soup-up your Jeep, refer to AM Off-Road. We have an array of Jeep exterior accessories that can enhance your vehicle’s appearance and performance. Equip your Jeep with all the necessary add-ons it needs to brace itself against the harsh reality of winter.

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