Best Off-Road Driving Trails in Michigan

Best Off-Road Driving Trails in Michigan

Detroit is the home of the Jeep Wrangler, and there are also many off-roading trails you can take on in the state of Michigan. Michigan is one of the best states to take your vehicle off-roading due to the variety of terrains you can encounter. Lean more about the best off-road driving trails in Michigan below.

Bundy Hill

Bundy Hill in Jerome is full of mining history with its location. Today, Bundy Hill’s 350 acres is one of the best off-road driving trails in Michigan with trails deep in the wilderness, on the rocks, and in the water. If you are looking to take your Wrangler on the ultimate 4x4 experience, it doesn’t get much better than Bundy Hill.

Rocks and Valleys

The next off-roading trail in Michigan you should check out is Rocks and Valleys, which is in Harrison. This off-road park offers a wide range of trails across over 200 acres of land that can test your Jeep Wrangler.

Silver Lake

If you are looking for a mixture of different terrains, another great off-road destination is the Silver Lake State Park out in Mears. The state of Michigan is known of its sand dunes along the water, and Silver Lake is a great place to experience it with your Jeep. Silver Lake also has plenty of trails that take you through the woods as well.

The Mounds

The Mounds at Genesee County Parks is another off-road park where can enjoy a wide selection of different terrain, from mud pits to sand. The Mounds are considered as one of the best places where you can take your Jeep Wrangler on an adventure by many off-road enthusiasts.

Twisted Trails

In Copemish, thrill-seekers can visit Twisted Trails, which is full of forestry terrain, mud pits, and a campground where you can stay the night. There are over 400 acres of land to explore with your Jeep at Twisted Trails, full of obstacles to overcome.

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