Best Off-Road Driving Trails in Maine

Best Off-Road Driving Trails in Maine

Although summer activities may be limited for the forthcoming months, off-roading is still a safe activity you can do to get outside and explore nature. If you are a Jeep Wrangler owner, you are obligated to take your vehicle for an off-roading run at least once to get the most out of your vehicle, and now is the perfect time to do so. Here are the best off-road driving trails in Maine that you need to experience this summer.  

Rocky Mountain Terrain Park 

The first off-roading trail in Maine that is worth visiting is the Rocky Mountain Terrain Park, which is located in Carthage. Th Rocky Mountain trails present plenty of challenges for your Wrangler. The park consists of mud pits, rocky terrain, and exciting landscape that makes it a perfect destination for off-roading.  

Bubble Pond Carriage Trail 

Another location in Maine that is great for off-roading is the Bubble Pond Carriage Trail in Bar Harbor. Bubble Pond has some spectacular views along the trail that make for a wonderful off-roading adventure.  

Hemond’s MX & Off-Road Park 

The next best spot for off-roading in Maine is Hemond’s MX & Off-Road Park. Explore over 10-plus miles of off-road tracks that are located across 600 acres of land in Minot, Maine. Hemond’s MX & Off-Road Park offers a ton of great obstacles nestled deep in a forestry setting.  

Beartown State Forest 

Beartown State Forest is the third-largest forest in Maine at 12,000 acres. In that large plot of land, you can find 16.4 miles of off-road trails full of mud puddles, hills, rocky terrain, and so much more. Beartown State Forest is an ideal location for off-roading activities.  

Wicked Hills Off-Road Truck Park 

With so many different levels of terrain, Wicked Hills should be on your list of best off-road driving trails in Maine. Take your Jeep through the forest and have yourself a fun time in the great outdoors at Wicked Hills Off-Road Truck Park. 

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