Aftermarket Accessories That Can Improve Your Safety

Aftermarket Accessories That Can Improve Your Safety

Though Jeep Wranglers come stocked with plenty of admirable safety features, you can (and should) always upgrade them for even further protection while you’re on the road. For off-roading purposes, equipping your Jeep with additional safety components is a must. AM Off-Road looks at which aftermarket modifications are renowned for improving passenger safety.

Grab Handles

Grab handles are simple aftermarket accessories that can improve your safety and subtly customize your Jeep’s appearance. In addition to seatbelts, they’re a feature that offers passenger security for when the road gets quite bumpy. These handles are also convenient for an easier time climbing into your Jeep.

Recovery Straps

Recovery straps come into play when a Jeep gets stuck. They have loops on both ends for situating onto a winch or hook at the front or back of the vehicle when it’s fixed in the mud. You should always have these handy when off-roading, should the ride get a bit trickier than anticipated.

A Winch

Off-roading poses a whole new myriad of driving hazards. Troubling terrain could cause your Jeep Wrangler to get stuck for hours without the right aftermarket accessories that can improve safety. A winch is a perfect add-on to get you and your ride out of sticky situations in the backroads.

A winch is secured to the front of the Jeep’s frame to provide a reliable mount. Another vehicle can pull you out of deep mud or other adverse circumstances using your ensemble of trusty recovery straps. Having a winch is convenient for helping other off-roaders who get stuck, too.

Durable Suspensions and Bushings

Suspensions are responsible for stabilizing your Jeep’s wheels, offering greater driver control and a smoother ride when in good shape. To create a more reliable suspension system, you can incorporate heavy-duty aftermarket springs and bushings. Perform routine check-ups on your suspension system to ensure its condition is safe for off-roading.

If you’re looking for other Jeep Wrangler add-ons to enhance your vehicle’s safety, performance, or both, consider AM Off-Road. We have a vast inventory of aftermarket accessories designed to increase vehicle comfort, performance, and safety. Our products, such as our Jeep door handle inserts, give off-roaders the ability to customize their Jeep to their liking. Contact us today to learn how to start upgrading your ride to the car of your dreams.

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