9 Signs It’s Time to Buy A New Vehicle

9 Signs It’s Time to Buy A New Vehicle

The holiday season is here, which means endless car commercials. When you see these commercials, you may begin to think, is it time for you to get a new car? It can be hard to detach yourself from a vehicle, especially if you have owned it for a long time. Nevertheless, there are signs that point to it being time to move on and purchase a new vehicle.

  1. High Mileage

With many cars, it starts to be a concern when its mileage hits 100,000. However, with brands such as Jeeps, this is a different story. For example, if you perform proper maintenance, a Jeep Wrangler can last anywhere from 200,000 to 400,000 miles. Nonetheless, no car can last forever. So if your vehicle hovers around that 200,000 range, you may want to take this is a sign that you should invest in a new vehicle.

  1. An Expensive Repair

You may also run into the issue where your vehicle needs an expensive repair to continue to run. If the repair cost turns out to be more than the car’s value, you are better off getting a new one. The most expensive car repairs you need to worry about that may cost you more than the vehicle’s worth includes:

  • Transmission
  • Engine
  • Head Gasket
  • Camshaft
  • Cylinder
  1. Constant Maintenance

Aside from a major repair that may be detrimental to your wallet, it can be just as bad if you consistently have to get little repairs. While breakdowns are part of a car’s nature, if this is an issue that you regularly face, this means you don’t have a reliable vehicle. If you dish out $200 every now and then on repairs, it can be a waste of money and time. This especially true if you have a car payment to take care of as well.

  1. It’s Unsafe

Out of all our daily activities, driving is one of the most dangerous; however, it is a necessary part of living. As such, you want to make sure all the necessary safety features of your vehicle work. Maybe the car doesn’t have seat belts or functioning airbags. If this is the case, you should either fix those features as soon as possible or invest in a new car. Safety should be your number one priority when taking care of your current care or looking for a new ride. If you do choose to purchase a new vehicle, look for one with advanced safety features. For example, Jeep Wranglers continue to improve their safety features. Their newest vehicles include blind-spot monitoring, collision warnings, and more.

  1. You Can Still Get Something For It

If you start to notice these signs early on, you may still be in luck. There are a lot of benefits to buying a used car, which is why many people seek them out. If you feel that your car isn’t right for you, but may be perfect for someone else, sell it and use the profit toward your new vehicle. Every car depreciates over time, but if you take care of it, you’ll likely see a solid return on your investment. However, even if your car is not in good condition, it’s still worth trying to sell it to someone. There’s a good chance a mechanic will pay you for its spare parts even if the car is not in operation. The point is the faster you realize that you need a new car, the more money you will get for your old one.

  1. Lots of Rust

When a car ages, it is common for rust to form, especially in the undercarriage. Rust eats away at the metal parts of your vehicle consists and makes it harder to complete repairs. An easy way to prevent rust is to regularly wash your car; however, there are times when too much damage is already present. If there is too much rust on your vehicle, then it’s time to start shopping around for something new.

  1. Parts Aren’t Available

An easy sign that you may need a new car is the age of it. While many enthusiasts restore classic cars, these repairs don’t come cheap. Car aficionados are typically willing to pay higher prices for parts since they want to display their vehicles in showrooms. For the average driver, however, if it’s hard to find the parts for your car to fix it, it may be time to retire the vehicle. When car parts aren’t available, this means your car may be too old to continue to have work performed on it.

  1. Fails Emissions Tests

Many states require you to take an emission test every couple of years or so to see if your car is harmful to the environment. In most states, you must pass your emission test to obtain vehicle registration. If your car fails, then you will need to get the necessary repairs and retake the test.

  1. You Can Afford A New One

You may also be in a fortunate situation where you can afford a new car—perhaps you landed a new job or received a promotion. A lot of what we drive depends on personal preference and what we can afford. From a financial side, sticking with an older car with constant repairs can end up costing you more than a new vehicle. Further, you want to invest in a quality car that will last you for a long time.

Since vehicles are an important part of our everyday lives, then a new car is worth buying. This is especially the case if you are someone who enjoys doing more adventurous activities, such as off-roading. For those looking to invest in a new Jeep Wrangler, you can also get awesome upgrades to make it more worthwhile. AM Off-Road offers some awesome upgrades, including a JK grill insert, hood latch lock, front bumpers, and more. We want to ensure your new vehicle lasts even longer than the one that came before it.

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