10 Must-Have Accessories To Personalize Your Jeep

10 Must-Have Accessories To Personalize Your Jeep

Use Jeep accessories to upgrade the look of your ride and showcase your personal style. Many stylish accessories also add protection and improve functionality.

Whether you want to make a dramatic or subtle change to the exterior or interior of your Jeep, you’ll find an array of possibilities. Try out these 10 must-have accessories to personalize your Jeep.

1. Headlights

Changing your headlights can offer some of the most benefits of any modification you can make to your Jeep. LED headlights require less energy to run, helping to make the most of your Jeep’s battery. You’ll get a better field of vision with improved lighting.

Today’s range of headlights makes it easy to upgrade your Jeep’s style. Whether you want the fresh look from halo headlights or fun and unexpected accents with RGB-colored headlights, install new headlights for a distinctive look.

2. Taillight Guards

At the other end of your Jeep, consider installing taillight guards to add protection and style to your rig. Made with durable materials such as aluminum alloy or stainless steel, this modification is built to last.

Taillight guards come in a variety of styles. One popular option is the simple cage or metal bar design. Another option is to apply taillight guards that depict interesting scenes, such as the silhouette of a Jeep climbing over an obstacle with mountains in the distance. Whatever look you choose, taillight guards will ensure your rig looks as good from behind as it does from the front.

3. Foot Pegs

If you like to off-road with your doors off, foot pegs are a must-have accessory to personalize your Jeep. And with an easy-to-install design, adding this accessory is a no-brainer.

Since foot pegs are located on the outside of your vehicle, look for anti-slip and anti-corrosive features. Foot pegs can also be tube shaped or flat and rectangular. For added style, consider getting foot pegs that feature an image or lettering.

Install the foot pegs on either side of your Jeep. Then on your next trip, you can stretch out and place your left foot on the foot peg, and your front passenger can do the same for their right foot. You’ll both enjoy the extra space.

4. Side Mirrors

Side mirrors are another accessory to have on hand if you like driving with your doors off. Riding in your Jeep isn’t only about the trail ahead, so you’re going to need side mirrors.

Aftermarket side mirrors can also enlarge your field of vision, making driving and off-roading safer and more fun. Consider installing side mirrors with a simple matte black design or mirrors that house LED lights for even better visibility.

5. Fender Flares

Surrounding the wheel well, the fender prevents the rotating tire from throwing dirt, liquid, and other debris into the air, protecting your Jeep and surrounding vehicles from damage. But sometimes, regular fenders just aren’t enough.

If you’ve installed a lift kit, you’ll probably need fender flares, too. And even if you haven’t raised your Jeep, this modification is a great way to give your rig a rugged upgrade.

6. Rock Lights

Install RGB LED rock lights in your Jeep’s wheel wells for an eye-catching feature. If you go off-roading at night, these lights can illuminate obstacles near the rig. And for all other times, rock lights make it more fun to cruise around.

Glowing from the vehicle’s underbody, the light pods give your Jeep a dramatic, sleek style. With this accessory, you can change the look of your Jeep in the blink of an eye every time you feel like it. Control the colors, strobing effect, and brightness of the rock lights with a simple app.

7. Fuel Tank Cover

Looking for a subtle change? Maybe you want to start modifying your Jeep in little ways, or maybe you’ve done a lot and want to look after the smaller details now. If so, you might like to install a new fuel tank cover.

After a simple installation, your rig can sport a gas cap cover with a black powder coating and an anti-corrosion finish. Or maybe you’d prefer to add a textured look and go for a carbon fiber finish. Whatever it is, every time you fuel up for your next journey, you’ll be glad you made the change.

8. Grille Insert

Add grille inserts to highlight your Jeep’s grille, a key component of the brand’s legendary design. Grille inserts also shield your radiator from contact with rocks, dirt, and other debris from the road or trail.

Screen-printed grille inserts feature images. If you want to showcase your patriotism on your quintessentially American vehicle, consider adding patriotic imagery to the grille.

Or if you want a more subtle accessory, get a matte or glossy black grille insert. The honeycomb mesh design will give the grille a unique industrial touch.

9. Grille

If you want your Jeep to stand out, install a new grille. Perhaps more than any other Jeep accessory, the range of possibilities means you are sure to find a grille style that fits your taste.

A new grille will give your rig a new face. Angular geometry gives your Jeep a more chiseled look. If you want your Jeep to have a more aggressive look, a new grille can turn the headlights into the popular angry-eye design.

Grilles can also come with built-in color or amber lights. And for a more comprehensive change, you can buy a grille and headlight combo.

10. Interior Trim Kit

If you want to add personality to the interior of your Jeep, go beyond hanging decorative stuff on your rearview mirror. An interior trim kit transforms the look of your cabin.

Made from high-quality ABS plastic, it’s easy to place the trim along your door handles, air outlets, steering wheel handle, and center console. Choose from red, black, or silver trim to accentuate your dashboard.

It’s easy to install a trim kit to refresh your vehicle interior. And if your rig has some scratches, the trim will help make your Jeep feel new again.

If you’re ready to add style and personality to your Jeep, shop with AM Off-Road. We carry a selection of Jeep Gladiator aftermarket accessories that upgrade the interior or exterior of your rig. Shop today!

10 Must-Have Accessories To Personalize Your Jeep
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